Southern Brazil Floods

Southern Brazil Floods

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Situation Overview

Airlink is responding to heavy rains and landslides that have struck Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s southernmost state, as the state receives three months’ worth of rain in 10 days. According to local authorities, the flooding has resulted in 83 fatalities and 111 missing persons. Significant damage to homes, roads, and bridges has been reported across 345 municipalities, resulting in 121,957 displaced individuals and affecting 850,422 people. The Porto Alegre (POA) airport is reportedly closed indefinitely, and many highways remain underwater or blocked.

Affected areas continue to face challenges accessing food, water, shelter, and healthcare services. As of May 5th, over 400,000 people are without power, and nearly a third of the state’s population lacks access to water. Furthermore, additional moderate to heavy rainfall forecasted across southern Rio Grande do Sul raises concerns regarding further damage and hindering ongoing response efforts. In addition, temperatures are expected to drop across the state, increasing the risk of hypothermia for displaced populations.

Flight and Logistics Support

Currently, there has not been a call for international assistance from the Brazilian government. Therefore, Airlink requires responding organizations to confirm an invitation for partnership from a local organization, such as a country office or long-term partner.

Passenger travel coordination for responders includes certified search and rescue teams, emergency responders, health professionals, logisticians, and additional programmatic staff. The main entry point airport will be São Paulo (GRU), with second-leg support to Florianópolis (FLN), Porto Alegre (POA) upon reopening, or other major airports considered, dependent on demand.

Cargo movement into São Paulo (GRU) from major airports in the United States, Europe, and Central/South America. Additional origins and destinations will be considered, dependent on demand.

#Airlinked Partners in Action

CADENA is traveling to Porto Alegre for the first phase of their response. They’ll provide water filters and solar lamps and conduct assessments.

GlobalMedic is deploying firefighting skids that can be used to increase the resources available to fight wildfires. Skids are specialty-made units that have 1,000L water tanks, pumps, and hoses that can be placed onto the back of any pickup truck and turned into firefighting vehicles. They will also be deploying three team members to assist with the installation of the equipment. This equipment is made available to smaller municipalities and fire departments that need to bolster their existing capacity.

Response Partners