Hurricane Otis

Hurricane Otis

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Record-breaking Hurricane Otis has unleashed massive flooding and caused an urgent humanitarian situation in Mexico’s Acapulco. Aid and assistance are needed immediately for clean-up, search and rescue, and essential services like water, food, and health care services.

Situation Overview

On October 25, Hurricane Otis struck Mexico’s Pacific coast with devastating impact, making landfall west of Acapulco, MX. The storm underwent one of the swiftest ‘rapid intensification’ phases observed, becoming the first Pacific hurricane to make landfall as a Category 5 intensity and the strongest ever storm in the Pacific.

As of October 30, 45 people have died, and 47 are still missing, with these numbers expected to rise. Heavy rainfall has led to landslides and flooding, and the amount of mud is a hurdle to search and rescue. Critical access to drinking water, health services, and food has been cut off for many people. Initially, communications were severely disrupted, and thousands experienced power outages.

Overcoming Logistics Barriers

Airlink is assessing response capabilities with airline and logistics partners. Acapulco Airport has partially reopened. The last-mile logistics of this response are expected to be challenging, given the combination of mudslides, flooding, and security concerns. As of now, there has yet to be a call for international assistance. To be eligible for flight support, NGO partners sponsored by Airlink will indicate a request for assistance from the Mexican government or local partner.

Response Partners on the Ground

Response Partners