George Fenton

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of the Humanitarian Logistics Association

George Fenton is co-founder and chairman of the Humanitarian Logistics Association, which promotes the professionalization of the humanitarian logistics sector; he is engaged in a number of disaster management activities that help ensure that the aid sector is better placed to respond effectively to crisis: In 2002, he set up the inter-agency working group on disaster preparedness for East Africa, which promotes collaboration and information sharing on humanitarian issues. This work links with UN-OCHA’s contingency planning initiatives. In 2003, together with IFRC and UN-WFP logistics offices he co-founded the Global Fleet Forum, which now tackles key fleet management knowledge issues facing the aid community. In 2006, together with several large international non-governmental organisations, George led the establishment of the Supply Chain Consortium (SCC) – an initiative to improve first wave emergency logistics response.

George previously worked as Supply-Chain Director for World Vision International’s Humanitarian Operations Division, where he was responsible for the global management of non-food relief items for emergency response and facilitates the development of humanitarian logistics capacity within the organisation, which is one of the largest NGOs in the world.

George has 30 years of relief and development experience, gained in the private and NGO sectors, as a programme manager, logistics and transport consultant and executive.

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