Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen Partner to Feed Cyclone Idai Survivors

Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen Partner to Feed Cyclone Idai Survivors

“It’s amazing how just a simple flight…is providing relief, aid and saving the lives of millions of people around the world. “

Feeding and empowering disaster-impacted communities is the focus of Airlink partner World Central Kitchen (WCK). From deciding the menu to staffing the kitchen, Mozambican volunteers are helping to feed fellow Cyclone Idai survivors. When the organization needs specialized relief personnel from locations around the world to set-up and manage their operations, they seek the assistance of Airlink. 

Airlink recently provided transportation to WCK staffers supporting their operation in Mozambique. With need persisting, the group is providing 20,000 meals a day to sites, including schools, throughout Beira.

Airlink visited with world-renowned chef and WCK founder José Andrés and his team as they prepared and delivered meals. Here is what he had to say about the importance of Airlink to World Central Kitchen’s Mission mission:


When free flights are not available through Airlink’s airline partners, the organization relies on the generosity and financial support of donors to purchase tickets for responders and launch shipments of emergency cargo.

Through Airlink’s partnerships, disaster survivors are receiving medical care, food, clean water and other necessities supporting their recovery.  Follow our response to Cyclone Idai

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