Volunteer Coordination & Relief

Hawaii's first hurricane in 22 years hit the Big Island on August 12, causing power outages for some 21,800 people, as well as taking down trees and causing damage to many houses. The hardest hit area was the Puna District, home to more than 40,000 people. Damage assessments conducted in the aftermath of the storm indicated that 250 homes were damaged, with some being lifted off of their foundations due to storm surge. It took nearly five weeks to restore power to all residents of the Big Island, and the storm caused damage in the amount of $66 million.

All Hands Volunteers stepped in to establish a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) to manage local spontaneous volunteers, and performed damage and needs assessments throughout the length of the response.

Thanks to Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines, AIRLINK helped move 7 relief workers from All Hands Volunteers to help with damage/needs assessment and volunteer coordination.