Vital Air Support En Route to Palu

Vital Air Support En Route to Palu

Disaster response nonprofit Airlink is moving responders into Palu, Indonesia in response to Friday’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent devastating tsunami.

Airlink and its partners wasted no time in initiating emergency response efforts with more than 60,000 survivors now displaced and in need of medical assistance, clean water, and emergency shelter.

“There is an urgent humanitarian need in Palu that cannot be quickly met by ground or water transportation,” explains Director of Humanitarian Programs Liz Bloomfield. “We’re working with our aviation and NGO partners to clarify and coordinate the best way to get relief into affected areas by air.”

Airlink is actively working with humanitarian relief organizations ADRA International and NetHope to move the first wave of responders. The flights on Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and Qatar Airways are being covered by Airlink’s Disaster Response Fund. Airlines in the region are responding to Airlink’s calls to provide flight capacity for responders and relief aid. Airlink’s Signature Lead Partner United Airlines is also supporting the vital response efforts through their MileagePlus program.

“The devastation is extensive and the situation on the ground is chaotic. Homes were swept away, buildings and shops collapsed, roads buckled and cracked, including a large bridge that was destroyed. The humanitarian situation is also very serious. Thousands of people are sleeping outside fearing strong aftershocks,” said Clinton Rapell, country director for ADRA Indonesia in an ADRA report.

Airlink will continue working with its network of 80+ NGOs and 40+ airlines to provide necessary and requested aid to the people of Indonesia.

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