Help Airlink Send Relief Now for Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods, COVID-19 and More!

You empower transportation for relief workers and humanitarian aid cargo following disasters, allowing our partners to put their funding towards real, high-impact programs – restoring homes, searching for survivors, rebuilding infrastructure, giving medical care, and so much more.

Now through October 15, 2021, United Airlines® is pleased to offer MileagePlus® members the opportunity to receive miles when donating to Airlink.

  • Minimum $50 donation receives 250 miles
  • $100 donation receives 500 miles
  • $250+ donation receives 1,000 miles.

Please enter your MileagePlus number after you choose your amount to receive this “Thank You”.

In addition to these miles, United will match up to $20,000 in donations to support Airlink’s Disaster Relief efforts.

When you give to Airlink, your gift reaches nonprofit relief organizations worldwide. You also help the world’s most vulnerable population: people affected by disasters.

Airlink's Current Responses

Your donation will support the delivery of lifesaving supplies and responders to Airlink’s responses around the world including:

Haiti Earthquake: Around 1.2M people were impacted by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti. Airlink is working with 11 NGO partners and has sent 50 aid responders to help with search and rescue, medical, shelter, sanitation needs, and begin restarting the local economy.

Hurricane Ida: Over 1 million people were impacted with four reported deaths. Airlink is sending search and rescue teams and other volunteers and has thus far coordinated flights for 18 responders to provide the following anticipated needs: search and rescue, medical, feeding stations, and flooding clean-up.

Wildfires: Airlink is responding to the wildfires in British Colombia as well as the Caldor and Dixie fires in Northern California. Along with our partners Team Rubicon Canada, Airlink is providing airlift for volunteer responders who are assisting affected British Colombia community members to remove and dispose of damaged infrastructure and prepare homes for rebuilding. Airlink is also working with Project: Camp to provide transportation to children in the affected Caldor and Dixie communities to day camps while their families navigate the difficult chapter of rebuilding.

West Tennessee Flooding: Record rainfall killed at least 22 people and over 150,000 homes were impacted. Airlink is providing flights for volunteers from our NGO partners who will assist with muck-and-gut & mold remediation operations, allowing residents to repair and return to their homes quickly.

COVID-19 Pandemic: Airlink is still responding to COVID-19 surges both at home and across the world.Airlink and its partners are transporting oxygen, PPE, and general medical supplies to increase hospital capacity to people in the Navajo Nation; India and Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Nepal, and Bangladesh); and countries in Sub Saharan Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia).

Your generosity transforms lives! Thank you!

Note: Airlink does not generally accept gifts restricted to specific disasters. Funds raised in excess of need for a particular disaster will be used to support Airlink’s mission and response to other disasters. Items listed under donation options represent general types of cargo moved by Airlink for this response, but does not mean to imply that a donor is directly responsible for underwriting the particular type or amount of cargo mentioned as that varies by shipment and response. 

Additional Ways to Make a Difference

Frequent flyer miles are the most flexible resource that Airlink utilizes to send aid workers around the world quickly, helping them provide relief in a timely manner when disasters occur.

As you consider your donation now, consider joining the Global Givers Group with a monthly donation.