Peter Davies

Governors Council Chair
CEO, Airline Management Group

With over 35 years of experience in aviation, Peter Davies is a recognized expert in successfully restructuring ailing businesses and unleashing their potential.

Previously he has served as CEO for Air Malta, Air Southwest in the UK, Caribbean Airlines in Trinidad & Tobago, and SN Brussels Airlines in Belgium. Against perceived wisdom and market expectations, Peter Davies saved both SN and Caribbean Airlines from extinction and created sustainable airlines with a reputation for excellent regional service. Both carriers continue to operate in their respective markets and make a major contribution to regional economies.

During a long and distinguished career with DHL, Peter served as Chief Operating Officer for DHL Express in the United States, and previously as Regional Director, DHL Europe, where he established the company as Europe’s leader in Express Delivery.

Providing excellence in customer service is the driving force behind his business achievements, and
Peter is a compelling speaker on delivering outstanding service and leading cultural transformation.

Peter is married with three children and a grandfather of five children. He is a passionate follower of Liverpool FC and Welsh rugby, used to play rugby and still plays golf, handicap 12. Peter flew aircraft in Africa and has visited around 146 countries so far.

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