Surgical Response

After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, ACTS World Relief, in conjunction with GR3, Inc. identified key areas of devastation in Tacloban and Cebu that needed immediate relief, including debris-cleaning, emergency medical response and opening the hospitals that were closed in each area. The ACTS World Relief first response team worked to secure networking and establish logistics for the medical team from Harvard University Disaster Fellowship for travel from Los Angeles, CA, and from other major US cities to the Philippines as expeditiously as possible.

AIRLINK's airline partner, United Airlines, helped provide air transportation to several doctors and medical professionals to facilitate disaster response efforts and meet the needs of the organization at this critical time. In partnership with Innovative Water Systems and the Rotary Club on the west coast, ACTS World Relief also installed two water purification systems for the City of Tacloban and local hospitals and academic facilities. Translogistics, Inc. attended to the logistics of shipping these systems to the Philippines.

GR3/ACTS continued Phases Two and Three by assisting with cleanup and emergency disaster preparedness and training for the stakeholders of this region.