Women’s Health Crisis in the DRC

Women’s Health Crisis in the DRC

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Situation Overview: The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is facing a humanitarian emergency on many different fronts. Ebola, gender-based violence (GBV), internal conflicts from a range of militant factions have all converged in one country. There is often the impossible choice for thousands of would-be refugees to either flee the violent conflicts around them or to remain and be trapped near an Ebola outbreak which has already taken nearly 2,000 lives.

This level of crisis requires ongoing monitoring & nuanced responses which is why with the generous support of United and Brussels Airlines, our partners Global Outreach Doctors (GoDocs) sent a medical assessment team to see what is most needed at this critical time. GoDocss is partnering with the local and international NGO, HeroWomenRising.org led by the inspiring women’s advocate, Neema Namadamu. Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege was also onsite to consult with the GoDocs team.

Expected Impact: GoDocs expects this initial mission to be the start of the most important work the NGO has provided to women and girls facing violence in the region. The organization sent their first medical mission team to care for the ranging needs of internally displaced people, those suffering from gender based violence, and those afflicted with infectious disease. This mission is the start of a long-term operation to create a sustainable local presence and ongoing treatment of the women and girls in the region.

*All Photos, except for Brussels flight, are the product of Harry Chun/Global Outreach Doctors

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