Vermont Flooding

Vermont Flooding

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Situation overview

Vermont Communities Brave Ongoing Storms and Cleanup Amid Additional Flooding 

The Northeast U.S. has endured catastrophic flooding over the past two weeks, resulting in devastating floods that forced hundreds of people to evacuate and caused significant damage to homes and businesses. The region’s heartache has been particularly pronounced in Montpelier, Vermont, and nearby communities, where an astonishing six inches of rain poured down within a mere 12-hour span. In the wake of the deluge, more than 211 individuals had to be rescued from their inundated homes.

The severity of the situation prompted the declaration of a state of emergency in Vermont on July 11th. The current floodwaters reached levels surpassing those seen during the Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011 during which 40 lives were lost, adding to the overwhelming challenges faced by emergency responders. In some areas, the water conditions have been too perilous for rescue efforts by boat.

As the floodwaters have gradually receded, emergency response personnel can now undertake safer operations. They have commenced muck-and-gut and cleanup efforts to salvage what remains and help the affected communities start on the path to recovery. Yet even still, towns continue to experience rainfall as clean-up begins. 

Disaster Response. Step One.
Get There. 

Airlink is working with its NGO and airline partners to provide free-of-charge flights for responding personnel to fly to Vermont. The first supported group will be Minuteman Disaster Response to help them deploy their skilled volunteers to Barre, VT to assist residents affected by the flooding.  Most recent reports show that more than 400 homes in the area were damaged or destroyed. Volunteers will be assisting with cleanup and muck-and-gut efforts in anticipation for the recovery and repair process.

Communities in Vermont need our help now

Airlink is dedicated to facilitating the transportation of skilled personnel on behalf of our NGO network to sustain the long-term recovery that is desperately needed. Please support our response now to make this vital mission a reality. Your contribution will enable us to respond effectively and bring hope to those in need. Join us in making a difference today to help impacted communities in Vermont and the Northeast, U.S.

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