South East Tornadoes

South East Tornadoes

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Fierce winds ripped through a number of counties in Alabama on March 25, resulting in people being injured, widespread destruction to homes, and, sadly, 5 people losing their lives in Calhoun County, Alabama.  

Alabama experienced destruction across a 100-mile track, with places like Birmingham (Al) enduring widespread property damage. It is likely that without assistance, impacted people and families will not begin taking steps to their recovery.

On Tuesday, March 30, Airlink worked with United Airlines to deploy 5 volunteers from our nonprofit partner Inspiritus to Alabama, where they will help local communities with the cleanup of tornado debris. Those sent are Team Leaders, Chain Saw Operators, Roof Tarppers, Assessors, and others. Inspiritus volunteers will be able to help people take their first steps towards their recovery and get back to a new normal.