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Disaster Response. Step One.
Get There. 

Airlink is actively working with our NGO partner network to deliver urgently needed aid and assistance to civilians across the region. Your generous donation holds the potential to be life-saving.

Airlink is Responding: Civilian Needs Across the Region

In line with the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and independence, Airlink is supporting NGO partners’ airlift and logistics demands based on all civilian needs throughout the region.

Airlink is coordinating with a focused group of trusted international and local partners to organize aid deliveries. There is a need for specialist medical staff and mental health professionals, as well as medical supplies and WASH (Water Sanitation and hygiene). These are the focus of Airlink’s aid programs.

Overcoming Barriers To Transporting Aid

Barriers to responding include limited airline capacity to critical airports halting specific routes due to safety. Airlink is collaborating with both international and regional air carrier partners, continuously evolving our concept of operations and assessing their capacity to operate at various airports. Every day Airlink helps our NGO partners overcome the world’s most challenging logistical barriers to delivering aid. 

Airlink recognizes that the conflict is constantly evolving, as are the humanitarian needs in the region. These factors will continue to inform Airlink’s response.