Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence

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Hurricane Florence made landfall on the southern coast of North Carolina on September 14 as a Category 1 storm. Despite its strength, the storm caused major flood- and wind-related damage in both rural and urban areas across North Carolina and northern South Carolina as it stalled over the two states. More than 35 inches of rainfall was recorded in some areas, killing at least 37 people and prompting an estimated 2,000+ rescues and emergency evacuations. Billions of dollars in estimated property damage put Florence in the record books as one of the costliest storms in the US. 

Airlink worked to preposition NGO staff and volunteers ahead of landfall, and continued to work with airline partners Alaska Airlines,  JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines in the response and recovery in the weeks and months that followed. 

"We sent our volunteer Sean specifically because he is multi-disciplined and could assess what is needed. He said he could be on a plane as soon as I could get him a flight. He was on a plane 14 hours after I asked him to go… Airlink makes that possible."
Teresa Gray
Founder, Mobile Medics International

From providing immediate food aid and emergency medical attention, to  clearing fallen trees and repairing homes, more than 180 volunteers and staff across 17 nonprofits have been deployed in response to Hurricane Florence. 

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