Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

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On Saturday, August 14, 2021, at 8:29 AM local time, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Saint-Louis du Sud, Haiti, an area along the southern peninsula of the country. Local authorities have reported over 2,200 deaths, 12,200 injured and 320 people missing at this time, with these figures increasing as more information is made available.
1.2 million people have been impacted including 570,000 children. 
Airlink has mobilized and is working with its network of nonprofit, NGO, and airline partners to help coordinate a response. This includes assessing cargo and passenger flight capacity. So far, we have coordinated transport for 50 individual responders to provide medical assistance and urban search and rescue in both remote areas and overwhelmed hospitals.

Our cargo pipeline consists of shelter kits, clean water supplies, food aid, solar lights, and additional urgently needed medical supplies. We are working to match more than 80,000 lbs of cargo to transport, and this number will increase in the coming weeks and months into long-term recovery.  

Airlink has a long history of responding in Haiti amid natural disasters. In fact, following Airlink’s founding by the ISTAT Foundation, our first response was to the Haiti Earthquake in 2010. We responded in southern Haiti in 2016 following Hurricane Matthew; the country has still not fully recovered from the hurricane 5 years ago, and the humanitarian impact of an earthquake in the same region is expected to be significant.
As we mobilize expert responders and needed supplies – we need your help. Please consider making a gift to help Airlink respond quickly and for as long as is necessary to support communities in crisis.

Airlink and ShelterBox Charters Deliver 71 Tons of Aid to Families in Haiti

Airlink and ShelterBox have partnered together to rush two shipments of humanitarian aid to families in Haiti impacted by the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The shipments will total 71 tons in weight and the cargo was moved over two chartered flights utilizing A300-600F aircraft.

Airlink Coordinates Transport for Mobile Medics International Team Featured on TODAY

In Haiti, where the death toll from last weekend’s devastating earthquake has soared to nearly 2,000, the U.S. and other countries are ramping up a massive relief effort for survivors. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports for TODAY from Port-au-Prince.

Impact Your World Report Highlights Airlink

CNN’s Impact Your World has compiled a list of donation opportunities to help those affected by the crisis.

USAID Includes Airlink as Responding Organization

Send cash donations to reputable relief organizations working on the ground. They can make the most difference and save the most lives.