Cyclone Freddy – Malawi and Mozambique

Cyclone Freddy – Malawi and Mozambique

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Urgent Humanitarian Needs

Cyclone Freddy has displaced at least 659,000 people, threatening gains made in Malawi in reducing malnutrition. Malawi’s cholera outbreak has been increasing over time in both geographic spread and magnitude. Lack of sanitary facilities after Freddy has increased instances of contamination of main water sources that are predominantly used as a source for domestic water. Airlink is working to transport critical medical, nutrition, and WASH supplies.

Cyclone Freddy's Destruction

Tropical Cyclone Freddy first made landfall in Madagascar on February 21, impacting Mozambique and Zimbabwe before turning back to sea. It made a second landfall on March 11 in Mozambique and continued on to Malawi where it caused widespread devastation, leading the Malawi government to issue an international request for assistance. 

In Malawi, 6 months of rain fell in just six days, leaving infrastructure severely damaged. Over 553,614 people are displaced, sheltering across 570+ displacement sites which are overcrowded, significantly increasing the risk of cholera and other disease transmission. Malawi was already fighting the worst cholera outbreak in recent history, and the impact of Freddy is cause for significant concern. The Malawi government has stated that at least half of the country has sustained damage from the storm. 

In Mozambique, Freddy’s double landfall has affected at least 886,000 people. Cholera cases have spiked dramatically since the storm. 

Critical needs are widespread and include water, sanitation, and hygiene services; shelter; non-food items; nutrition supplies; healthcare services and supplies; and protection. WASH and health services are critically needed to prevent the spread of cholera and treat additional water-borne diseases.

Disaster Response. Step One.
Get There. 

Extensive damage to transportation infrastructure in both Malawi and Mozambique has impacted the movement of assessment, emergency response, and humanitarian teams. There are limited Airlink airline partners operating into LLW and MPM that support FOC or heavily discounted lift. Due to the limited number of partners operating into LLW and MPM, funding needs are large for both passenger and cargo support. 

Airlink supported flights for DART International UK whose team of arborists are clearing trees from critical roadways and infrastructure. IsraAID is also deploying with Airlink’s assistance to focus on WASH and cholera prevention. See our other response partners below.

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