Industrial Explosion

Industrial Explosion

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On August 4, 2020 Lebanon’s Port of Beirut erupted in explosions. The explosions, believed to be caused by the unsafe storage of ammonium nitrate, have left at least 200 dead and 6,500 injured. According to local officials, 300,000 people have been left homeless.

Airlink immediately began coordinating with impacted non-profit partners and those planning a response. 

In addition to providing relief to those impacted in Beirut, responding organizations are concerned about increased human vulnerability due to Lebanon’s ongoing economic crisis and reports indicating as much as 85% of the country’s grain was stored at the now-destroyed port.

This crisis also comes as the country continues to combat COVID-19.  Beirut’s now overwhelmed hospital system, crowding of injured patients needing care, and potential medical supply shortages are elevating concerns.  

Airlink and Qatar Airways Help MedWish Bring Relief to Beirut

Following massive explosions leveling the Port of Beirut and nearby portions of the city in August, Airlink partnered with Qatar Airways to transport critical medical supplies to 7 local hospitals.