Alaska Shield Training

Alaska Shield Training

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Anchorage, Alaska is a major strategic point for disaster response and military operations with respect to Russia and Eastern Europe. The state of Alaska hosts a yearly Alaska Shield Training Session both in honor of their 1964 earthquake, the largest in US history, and in order to stay informed of the most up-to-date response practices so that all agencies can respond when necessary in an efficient and effective manner.

Because of their experience responding to a severe disaster in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, ACTS World Relief was invited to train Alaska Emergency Response, FEMA, Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Management, Department of Defense, and National Guard on a variety of emergency response procedures and best practices. David Canther, Founder of ACTSWR, and his team were able to share their extensive knowledge on emergency operation center (EOC) management, medical surge, mass care, and mass fatality response as they led trainings for Alaska Shield ’14.

Thanks to the generous support of Alaska Airlines and Airlink, three additional trainers were able to share their knowledge with a variety of organizations as a part of the largest emergency response exercise in the US.