Relief Shelter

In the aftermath of the EF5 tornado in Oklahoma, a ShelterBox Response Team was sent in to assess if they could assist with providing additional shelter.  It was then determined that there was a need for sturdy disaster-grade relief tents.  ShelterBox’s tents are specifically designed to withstand 120 kilometer winds, were larger in size and would offer greater comfort in the 95+ degrees that Oklahoma was experiencing. The tents also allowed people to stay in their community - near work, family and other important social structures.

For those affected, having privacy and a place to sleep at night and store their belongings helped them to focus on long-term recovery and getting their lives back to normal. ShelterBox’s high-quality tents provided families with a temporary solution, bridging the gap between the disaster and more permanent housing options that had not yet become available.

Through a collaboration of AIRLINK's partners, AmeriJet and DHL, ShelterBox sent in tents from their warehouse in Panama.  AmeriJet provided the air transportation to Miami and DHL the ground transport to Moore, Oklahoma.