Preparing for Hurricane Season

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to give to Airlink – your gift today will help to bring medicine, clean water kits, and capable crews to the places they’re needed most, when they’re needed most. 

June 1, 2018 marks the beginning of this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. Forecasters are predicting an above-average hurricane season for 2018. NOAA projections suggest a 70% likelihood of 10-16 named storms and as many as four major hurricanes – and we need to be ready.

The 2017 hurricane season ranked among the costliest and most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record. Through its airline partners and your donor support, Airlink was able to help its NGO partners deliver $1,250,000 in aid materials and more than 400 relief workers to affected countries and territories. This meant life-saving clean water kits and medical support, as well as recovery support through technical teams and ‘muck and gut’ crews.


Unfortunately, the damage wrought by last year’s storms could repeat sooner rather than later, with the first named storm of the year already behind us. 
Please donate to Airlink today and you will be helping hurricane-affected communities across the Atlantic. Don’t wait for the storms to come. The more prepared we are, the faster we can help more people.

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