Peru Flooding Response

Heavy rainfall as a result of an abnormal El Nino pattern in the southeast Pacific throughout January, February, and March has caused widespread flooding and landslides throughout northwestern South America, particularly affecting northwestern Peru. As of March 31, the flooding has killed 92 people and displaced tens of thousands, as well as damaging or destroying at least 29,000 homes and displacing or affecting nearly 164,000 people.

Airlink, in partnership with Avianca and JetBlue, has now helped All Hands Volunteers, AmeriCares, and Waves for Water deploy 11 relief workers to Peru.

The first team from All Hands Volunteers is already on the ground and has launched a response program focusing on cleaning out affected schools, constructing temporary learning centers, mobilizing local volunteers, and mucking out homes. As the flooding subsides, the team will continue to reassess the need to extend the response to towns further up the coast.

AmeriCares has worked in Peru for nearly 20 years, and is scaling up their response to match the health-related needs as a result of the flooding.

Due to the threat of waterborne diseases such as cholera, Waves for Water has deployed two clean water couriers to assist with water filter implementation and sanitation/hygiene training for those affected by the storm.