Palu Tsunami

Airlink continues to respond to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which struck the city of Palu, Indonesia on September 28. Nearly 2,000 people are now reported to have died, with some still missing and more than 2,500 people injured. A large majority of the assistance for this event is originating from within the country, through Indonesian NGOs and those organizations who have a programmatic presence or specific approval from the Indonesian government. Commercial flights into Palu, using both turboprop and now jet aircraft, have resumed, but all international aid must continue to flow through Balikpapan, the government-designated logistic hub.

Status of response: Over the course of the 12 days since the quake, Airlink has worked to bring in eight staff and volunteers across three government-approved NGOs. Airlink continues to work with partners to understand needs for airlift of international aid, and will continue to support staff flights into and within the country, but the focus will likely shift towards assisting Indonesian NGOs in this government-led response. 
Please note: Your organization must have an existing in-country presence and/or express permission from the government in order to receive flight support. 


Monday, October 8 Update: 

Airlink continues to work diligently with its partners and coordinating bodies on the ground in Palu and surrounding areas to provide assistance. 

So far, Airlink has supported six responders' flights into the area. Sign up for Airlink's e-newsletter to get the latest on our response to Palu and others around the world. 


Saturday, October 6 Update:

The death toll has passed 1,500 and there are now more than 70,000 people confirmed to be displaced by last week's earthquake and tsunami.

The Challenge - International humanitarian relief organizations are working tirelessly to determine an appropriate approach to assist those in need in Indonesia. The Indonesian government has called for international aid at this time. NGOs must submit a written request before trying to enter the country and should be advised that the process is complicated.

As our response options become increasingly more clear, Airlink will likely be able to send more responders and relief supplies into Palu over the coming weeks. The best way you can help people affected by disaster is with cash donations to reputable and reliable organizations. Airlink is a nonprofit organization working to get responders and supplies from 80+ partner organizations into communities in need.

Airlink is deeply involved in the coordination calls and strategy talks regarding the Palu response. Airlink's programs team is actively working with existing airline partners as well as other airlines to secure available capacity on flights headed to the region. We are in regular communication with our nonprofit partners to determine the scope of their potential response.

Thursday, October 3 Update:

Airlink is now supporting partner World Central Kitchen in their response to the Palu tsunami. With support from United Airlines, Airlink was able to facilitate transportation for a World Central Kitchen team member into the region as the airports in Indonesia continue to be set up for international aid. 

Wednesday, October 2 Update:

Airlink is now supporting six responders across four airlines. As the number of displaced surpasses 70,000 people, the situation grows dire. Airlink is working to coordinate logistics and communicate with its partners to ensure a smooth response. 


Monday, October 1 Update: 

Airlink is responding to the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi. As of October 1, Airlink is supporting one ADRA International staff member traveling to Sulawesi to provide surge support for the ADRA Indonesia team already in place. 

On Friday, September 28, 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Several hours later, a tsunami followed reaching six meters in height. The quake and subsequent tsunami have left more than 800 people confirmed dead. There are currently 16,732 people displaced across 24 different sites. 

A 14 day state of emergency has been declared in Sulawesi as officials work to rescue thousands more feared injured or dead. 

This is a developing response, please check back soon for updates.

*Image Credit: Ralfie Maringka, ADRA Indonesia