Hurricane Ian Recovery: Onsite with Operation BBQ Relief in Port Charlotte, Florida

Hurricane Ian Recovery: Onsite with Operation BBQ Relief in Port Charlotte, Florida

Transport to Florida for Operation BBQ Relief volunteers made possible with your support.

“In five days we’ll be over 100,000 meals. So it’s one of those things, numbers are big, numbers show what’s happening. But I want everyone to remember it’s about that one hot meal, and that family that hasn’t had one.”

– Stan Hays, Co-Founder and CEO, Operation BBQ Relief

Many families in Florida have lost everything following Category 4 Hurricane Ian, which caused widespread damage across the southwest U.S. and Cuba during the final week of September 2022. In Florida, it was the deadliest hurricane to strike the state since 1935.

In response, Airlink has thus far provided flights for over 120 skilled personnel and emergency responders on behalf of 16 nonprofit organizations with the help of our aviation partners. It is expected recovery will take years.

Flights to Florida have been made possible for over 50 volunteers and counting for our nonprofit partner, Operation BBQ Relief.

One week after Hurricane Ian struck, Airlink’s Emily Sperling was onsite to check-in on the progress of OBR’s operations as they work to provide an incredible 30,000+ hot and comforting meals to the local community.

Speaking with multiple volunteers and OBR’s CEO, Stan Hays, Emily hears their stories of why they volunteer, how Airlink helped get them to Florida, and what the power of serving the one hot meal means to them.

These stories of hope are made possible because of you. 

Please consider making a donation to Airlink today to support our transport of responders and humanitarian aid as we respond to this year’s hurricane season.
To learn more about Airlink’s Hurricane Ian response, please visit our response page.

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