Airlink in Action: May Update

Airlink in Action: May Update

May 2024 Update: Airlink’s Latest Responses

Read the latest update from Airlink to see the tangible impact of your support, which ensures humanitarian personnel and critical aid supplies reach those who need it most. Discover the nonprofit partners and communities we’re helping together with the generous assistance of our airline partners and sponsors. As the demand for Airlink’s services grows worldwide, your continued support of our mission is invaluable — thank you!

Philippines – Super Typhoon Haiyan


In April, Airlink, in partnership with Korean Air and United Airlines, supported two flights for NGO partner Waves for Water to continue long-term recovery in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Haiyan. Waves for Water has been present in the Philippines since 2013, after Super Typhoon Haiyan. Their response continues in the community of Serronggon, whose water well has been damaged by several typhoons and mudslides. The water well is one of the only water sources for the 2500 people in the community. Airlink assisted in the deployment of WASH experts to repair the well and establish other water filtration systems.

Ukraine – Conflict & Displacement


Airlink continues its commitment to providing transportation and logistical assistance to non-profit partner organizations that are actively addressing the persistent humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. Since the beginning of the war in 2022, Airlink has coordinated flights for over 1,100 humanitarian responders, and nearly 2,500 tons of aid to the region.

In April, Airlink supported nine flights for humanitarian responders in partnership with NGO partners GlobalMedic, Global Care Force, Global Response Medicine, and Smart Medical Aid. These organizations are working to address the critical health and food security needs of communities displaced by the war. These programs were made possible through the ongoing support of American Airlines and United Airlines.

Airlink also coordinated an airbridge for weekly shipments of essential water, sanitation, and hygiene items to internally displaced populations in partnership with GlobalMedic. This airbridge was made possible through the generous support of Air Canada Cargo and the Fund. In partnership with United Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, and SEKO Logistics, Airlink facilitated shipments for NGO partners, Brother’s Brother Foundation, and International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel. The shipments consisted of medicine and other critically needed healthcare supplies for some of the most affected communities in Ukraine.

U.S. – Mexico – Border Crisis


With ongoing support from American Airlines and United Airlines, Airlink continues to support programs providing essential healthcare support to asylum seekers, migrants, and displaced groups along the US-Mexico border. Since 2021, Airlink has supported flights for 241 responders from 6 NGO partners to the border. Throughout May, Airlink support flights for five medical volunteers from Global Care Force and Global Disaster Response and Humanitarian Action who are experienced in caring for complex patients in hospitals and low-resource settings. Their teams focused on providing triage support, crucial urgent and primary care, and clinic coordination for migrant populations, expanding the capacity of clinics serving populations in Reynosa, Mexico.

Belize – Disaster Preparedness


Airlink continues to provide ongoing support Empact Northwest’s Belize Emergency Response And Preparedness Program. Their team is assisting with the development of Belize’s first-ever deployed rescue service, which will enhance the country’s disaster response capabilities. Thanks to the support of American Airlines, Airlink supported flights for eight volunteers training emergency response personnel in emergency management, search and rescue, and emergency dispatch to expand access to services for thousands of community members across Belize.

Gaza – Humanitarian Crisis

In response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Airlink has coordinated transportation for over 140 tons of critically needed relief supplies in partnership with 12 NGO partners to support the immense needs across the region. This includes medicines, medical supplies, shelter items, durable medical equipment, and water, sanitation, and hygiene kits with delivery to emergency response programs throughout the region supporting emergency needs in Gaza, displaced populations in nearby countries, and regional cargo pre-positioning.

In April, Airlink supported NGO partners International Medical Corps (IMC), United Palestinian Appeal (UPA), Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), and Project C.U.R.E. with the movement of critical relief supplies including medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, emergency kits, shelter supplies, and nutrition items. Over 30,000 people with limited healthcare access and experiencing acute malnutrition will be served by this cargo. Airlink also continues to coordinate our airbridge in partnership with Heart to Heart International and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to support the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) needs, particularly those of women and girls in need of feminine hygiene products.

Airlink also continues coordinating passenger travel for NGO partners including International Medical Corps (IMC) and MedGlobal. Through this response, Airlink has supported flights for more than 80 humanitarian personnel providing emergency medical care, coordination surge capacity, aid distribution, assessment expertise, and additional specialties. The generous support of Airlink’s airline, logistics, and funding partners have made these operations possible. With this support, Airlink remains committed to supporting civilians and active partners for as long as humanitarian needs persist.  

Lebanon – Complex Crisis & Health Systems Strengthening

Since the Beirut Port explosion in 2020, Lebanon remains in a state of protracted crisis. Citizens and asylum seekers lack access to basic services, primarily adequate healthcare. In April, Airlink supported United Palestinian Appeal (UPA)’s long-term program in Lebanon by transporting pharmaceuticals needed to treat chronic conditions. Thanks to this program, 4,000 patients will have access to their medication, which otherwise is in very short supply.

Alaska – Health Systems Strengthening 

Airlink supported flights for six medical professionals with NGO partner Mobile Medics International who partnered with local Alaskan clinics to provide Alaskans living in remote areas with free proactive health care services. Lack of access to essential healthcare services is a major barrier in remote areas of Alaska with large indigenous populations. Last winter, some areas were hit with over 100 inches of snow, making it difficult for communities to travel to larger cities for healthcare services. With the generous support of American Airlines, the team was able to provide healthcare to more than 500 individuals.

Kentucky & Georgia – Tornadoes

In April, The United States had more than 300 tornadoes, the second-most on record. Georgia and Kentucky were two of the most affected states, with multiple tornadoes impacting millions of people. Violent wind gusts and heavy rain caused damage to homes, forced highway closures, and downed power lines and trees. In partnership with non-profit partners Inspiritus, Minuteman Disaster Response, and International Orthodox Christian Charities, Airlink supported immediate disaster relief and long-term recovery programs in Georgia and Kentucky. These programs were made possible thanks to the support of American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

Florida, USA – Hurricane Ian 


Airlink remains committed to supporting long-term recovery programs in response to the extensive damage left by Hurricane Ian’s powerful winds and torrential rains. Since the hurricane struck Florida in 2022, Airlink has supported flights for more than 340 volunteers with 27 NGO partners. Inspiritus and All Hands and Hearts continue their recovery efforts including free-of-charge home rebuilding and psychosocial support for impacted communities. In April, with support from United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, Airlink supported flights for 10 skilled volunteers.

Nigeria – Health Systems Strengthening 


Over six million people are internally displaced in Nigeria due to ongoing, complex humanitarian emergencies and the recent impact of natural disasters. The country’s health systems have been overwhelmed by medical needs related to increased transmission of preventable diseases; food insecurity and malnutrition; and lack of access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services in displaced communities. In partnership with Health Partners International of Canada, and with free of charge airlift on Qatar Airways Cargo, Airlink coordinated airlift for ten humanitarian medical kits. These kits will enable healthcare workers to provide at least 6,000 treatments to patients utilizing the medicines and supplies contained in the shipment.

Ethiopia – Complex Crisis


Humanitarian needs remain critical in Northern Ethiopia in the aftermath of the devastating conflict two years ago. A recent uptick in violent clashes in the Amhara region forced tens of thousands of people from their homes where populations were already experiencing food insecurity and limited access to medical care. To improve access to reliable healthcare, Airlink facilitated the transportation of critically needed medical supplies in partnership with the Afya Foundation. Thanks to the generous support of the Fund, ten pallets of medical items were delivered to health facilities where they will ultimately provide for an estimated 10,000 patients.



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