July Partner Update

July Partner Update

July 2023 Partner Update: Airlink’s Latest Operations

Guam – Typhoon Mawar


Typhoon Mawar passed just north of the island on May 23, 2023 as a Category-4 equivalent typhoon. The storm flooded homes, downed power lines, and damaged vital water supplies. Airlink is supporting the ongoing recovery of communities throughout Guam. In partnership with United Airlines, Airlink provided flight support to a member of The Salvation Army who assisted in the deployment of clean water, hygiene supplies, and meals to impacted communities. 

Ukraine – Conflict & Displacement


On July 6th, targeted explosions destroyed the Nova Kakhovka dam in the Kherson region of Ukraine, causing a wide-spread humanitarian disaster in an area already heavily affected by the war. The flooding caused immense infrastructure damage and forcibly displacing thousands of civilians. Flood waters from the dam collapse contaminated water systems, leaving popululations at heightened risk of contracting water-borne illnesses. Large portions of the region continue to not have access to running water, and rely solely on water distribution.

As people begin to return to the affected areas, humanitarian needs are expected to remain high. Support for household recovery, access to clean water, and access to healthcare are main priorities. In the long-term, economic impacts of the floods are anticipated to be devastating, as the flooding damaged the irrigation system of the region’s agricultural backbone.

Airlink scaled up our operations in response to the increased humanitarian demand in the Kherson oblast, as well as continued to support our ongoing life-sustaining and life-affirming programs in Ukraine and Romania, thanks to the generous and sustained support from partners at American Airlines, Air Canada Cargo, SEKO Logistics, LOT Polish Airlines, and United Airlines. In the month of June, Airlink coordinated transportation for over 74 tonnes of relief commodities to Ukraine and Romania.

Near the frontlines, civilians continue to face challenges in accessing healthcare. Ongoing hostilities targeting the healthcare system, prevents communities from accessing care for acute and chronic conditions. According to the UN Human Rights in Ukraine, older adults account for a disproportionate amount of deaths since the war, and are especially vulnerable due to the fractured healthcare system. Airlink NGO partners Health Partners International of Canada, International Ministry of Charity Emmanuel, INTERSOS, MedGlobal and Razom remain dedicated to providing support to medical institutions in Ukraine. This month, Airlink supported cargo movements for shipments of personal protective equipment, medicines, medical supplies, and medical equipment arriving at hospitals and clinics. In addition, Airlink also continues supporting passenger flights for volunteers providing healthcare, WASH, and medical training for specialized trauma care. 

Civilians in Ukraine continue to be impacted by attacks on the electrical infrastructure, leading to inconsistent access to power, and running water. Airlink supported the transportation of gasoline powered generators for Polish Humanitarian Action to support 10 villages of 800 people across the Dnipro region.

Airlink continues to provide support to GlobalMedic’s programs in Ukraine and Romania. In June, our team supported the movement of 24 tonnes of Family Emergency Kits. The kits contain critical supplies, including a water purification solution and basic hygiene items. The supplies provide support for refugee and internally displaced communities impacted by the war.

Additionally, Airlink continues providing passenger flights for responding NGO partners providing a wide range of services including WASH, healthcare, mental health and psychosocial support, and training to local healthcare providers. In June, Airlink coordinated flights for more than 20 volunteers with NGO partners MedGlobal, Mobile Medics International, GlobalMedic, Global Response Medicine, Razom, Protez Hub, and IsraAID

Mexico – U.S. Border Crisis


Airlink continues to support medical programs for asylum seekers along the US/Mexico Border. In June, Airlink welcomed the new NGO partner Refugee Health Alliance, who assumed management and leadership for a medical clinic in Reynosa, Mexico. With support from American Airlines, Airlink facilitated flights for staff members to establish mental health and medical protocols, conduct community outreach, raise awareness, and provide health promotion services.  

Haiti – Cholera Mitigation and Complex Crisis 


Over 150,000 people in Haiti are displaced due to violence, civil unrest, and fatal floods in early June. Airlink aided the Centre Hospitalier de Fontaine Foundation with flights supported by American Airlines. The flights assisted their mobile clinic program, offering medical, WASH, and food aid to displaced communities in Cité-Soleil. American Airlines Cargo also provided support, enabling Airlink to transport one ton of essential medicines for chronic illnesses. The ongoing outbreak in Haiti has strained limited resources, resulting in significant shortages of medical supplies. The transported treatments will address the gap in treating chronic illnesses with long-term effects. 

Lebanon – Complex Crisis and Health Systems Strengthening

Lebanon currently hosts around 1.2 million Syrian refugees. Approximately 350,000 of these refugees reside in the Bekaa Valley and live in extreme poverty. Health services continue to be a priority for this group. MedGlobal is providing direct patient care to Syrian refugees including general care and psychosocial support. With support from American Airlines, Airlink coordinated a flight for one medical volunteer that was able to provide medical care to more than 100 patients during a 6 day work period. 

Nova Scotia, Canada – Wildfire Response


Canada is currently experiencing their largest ever wildfire season on record. In May and June, the province and Nova Scotia battled over 13 wildfires that burned more than 20,000 hectares of land. Hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed as a result of the fires. In parts of the Midwest and Northeast United States, wildfire smoke from Canada has caused a decline in air quality levels. 

Team Rubicon Canada and Taskforce Kiwi deployed expert volunteers that are providing debris removal, ash shifting, and home rebuilding and repair. With the generous support of Air Canada and Cathay Pacific, Airlink coordinated flights for 74 volunteers throughout the month of June.

Louisiana, USA – Hurricane Ida Long-Term Recovery


In partnership with United Airlines, Airlink continues providing support to NECHAMA who is still on the ground nearly two years after the hurricane. Volunteers are working to help affected communities in Louisiana recover from the devastating hurricane by providing cleanup and rebuilding services.

Florida, USA – Hurricane Ian Long-Term Recovery


Airlink continues coordinating flights for Inspiritus volunteers providing clean up and rebuilding services to communities affected by Hurricane Ian in 2022. This program is made possible with support from American Airlines and United Airlines

Malawi – Cyclone Freddy


Following Tropical Cyclone Freddy earlier this year, the already overwhelmed healthcare system experienced an increase in cholera cases due to damaged infrastructure and water supply. In response to this, Airlink and its partners have been supporting shipments of medical supplies required for cholera outbreak needs. Alongside Health Partners International of Canada, Airlink recently coordinated the movement of medicines specific to cholera treatment to Malawi where there is currently a severe shortage. These medicines will be distributed by the Ministry of Health to areas of urgent need to respond to the ongoing outbreak. 

Displaced individuals are sheltering in overcrowded sites across the country, significantly increasing the risk of cholera and other water-borne diseases. Critical needs include WASH services, shelter, healthcare, and protection. Airlink continues coordinating flights for IsraAID’s team of WASH experts that are installing cholera prevention hubs to provide safe drinking water, sanitation needs, and early cholera treatment. 

sistance. More than 500,000 people are displaced as a result of heavy rains. Malawi has been experiencing the worst cholera outbreak in recent history. Displaced individuals are sheltering in overcrowded sites across the country, significantly increasing the risk of cholera and other water-borne diseases. Critical needs include WASH services, shelter, healthcare, and protection. Airlink continues to coordinate flights for IsraAID’s emergency response team that is delivering WASH support to help reduce the spread of cholera in cyclone-affected areas. 

In addition to coordinating transportation for humanitarian personnel, Airlink continues to support cargo transport on behalf of our NGO partners. In partnership with Health Partners International of Canada and SOS International, Airlink facilitated cargo movement for 4 tons of critically needed relief supplies to Malawi with generous support from Air Canada Cargo and United Airlines respectively. 

SOS International is working with local partners to fill critical gaps in access to essential items such as nutritional and medical supplies. The shipment is expected to reach 11,000 people, providing children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses with access to reliable assistance. Health Partners International of Canada continues to support Malawi’s already overwhelmed healthcare system with shipments of Humanitarian Medical Kits. These kits help replenish medicines in health facilities across impacted regions, and are essential in curbing the spread of cholera and preventable diseases in the wake of Cyclone Freddy. 

Uganda – Health Systems Strengthening


With generous, free-of-charge airlift from Qatar Airways Cargo a shipment of nearly 150 solar suitcases, solar panels, and their accessories arrived in Uganda on behalf of Airlink’s partners at We Care Solar. These items will be installed across a range of health facilities, enhancing available services for catchment populations by providing reliable sources of electricity to facilities. This increase in electricity has helped improve the quality and timeliness of care, confidence of healthcare staff, and the numbers of patients being treated each month.

Tigray, Ethiopia – Complex Humanitarian Crisis


The conflict in Tigray has forced 1.5 million people to flee their homes, causing a spike in protection concerns including child protection and gender-based violence. IsraAID has been responding to the crisis in Tigray for more than two years, providing WASH support, food, relief items, and psychosocial support for children. IsraAID is significantly increasing their Child-Friendly Spaces programs in Tigray by delivering mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) training for more than 600 volunteers and service providers who have been on the frontlines of supporting crisis affected communities. These training sessions will reinforce participants’ toolkits to support others through recovery and rehabilitation and help them develop capacities to prevent trauma and burnout. In June, Airlink supported flights for 7 WASH and MHPSS experts who facilitated the trainings. 



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