ISTAT Foundation donates $50,000 to Airlink’s India Appeal and Launches Matching Gift Fundraising

ISTAT Foundation donates $50,000 to Airlink’s India Appeal and Launches Matching Gift Fundraising

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) is committing, by way of the ISTAT Foundation, up to US$100,000 for the purpose of immediate COVID-19 relief through Airlink’s Operation Airlift India, as the region continues to be deeply impacted by a rapid and deadly surge of the virus.

Airlink’s Operation Airlift India is being coordinated to provide an initial pipeline of 17 supply shipments for 11 NGOs. Due to distances between these destinations within India and state restrictions for transportation of humanitarian goods within the country, both direct airlift and last-mile considerations are critical to ensuring supplies reach their intended recipients in the fastest time.

The ISTAT Foundation has granted an initial US$50,000 to Airlink and is also launching the ISTAT Foundation Matching Gift Campaign through which it will match up to US$50,000 in additional grant funds raised by corporate and individual donations. Through the initial contribution and matching funds, the goal is to raise US$150,000 to directly benefit Airlink’s Operation Airlift India.

The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation (ISTAT Foundation) was founded in 1994 to support individuals and institutions that promote the advancement of commercial aviation and humanitarianism.

The matching gift campaign will run from Tuesday, 18 May through Friday, 28 May.

‘The ISTAT Foundation is delighted to be able to support Airlink as Lead Sponsor for their Operation Airlift India COVID-19 relief effort,’ states ISTAT Foundation Chair Peter Huijbers. ‘Since its inception by the ISTAT Foundation over 10 years ago, Airlink has developed into a center of excellence for NGOs to provide support using aviation as a bridge to move crucial people and goods from origin to their destination. For the ISTAT Foundation, it is important to be able to make an impact and provide support where needed. With our long-standing partnership with Airlink, we will strive to continue doing exactly that’.

‘The support that Airlink receives from the ISTAT Foundation and ISTAT members and leadership is truly amazing in both its depth and consistency’, said Steven J. Smith CEO and President of Airlink. ‘This additional donation, and the gift matching is amazing, and will make a significant impact. We feel very proud to be part of the family of aviation sector organizations’.

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