Atlantic Hurricane Season 2022


URGENT: Help Deliver Urgently Needed Aid Today

In response to this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season, Airlink is providing logistics and airlift solutions to transport emergency responders and humanitarian aid for immediate response and long-term recovery. Airlink has extensive experience responding to hurricanes over our organization’s history. Working with our NGO and airline partners, we are currently responding to Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia, Canada and Hurricane Ian in Florida. A donation goes a long way in making air travel possible for response teams focused on home repair, clean-up, WASH, medical assistance, and more. 

Donate today to help support our efforts of delivering critical aid to those impacted by severe hurricanes.

Airlink is also currently responding to:
  • Pakistan flooding
  • Eastern Kentucky Flooding
  • The War in Ukraine
  • Greater Horn of Africa Drought

Airlink, Inc. does not accept donations restricted to particular disasters, and contributions may be directed to other projects. Airlink is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Become a Volunteer

The advocacy of members of our Board of Trustees, Governors Council, and Ambassadors allows us to continue to help those in need and grow our network of NGO and airline partners.

Become a member of Airlink’s
Global Givers

Be recognized as a member of Airlink’s Global Givers when you give to Airlink on a monthly basis. Simply indicate the amount you’d like to give each month and your card will be charged automatically. This ensures Airlink has predictable, long-term support ahead of the next emergency.

Make Your Company a Leader

Express your leadership as a good corporate citizen within the aviation sector and build a portfolio of support to ensure your marketing & philanthropic dollars have a meaningful impact.

Donate Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flier miles are the most flexible resource that Airlink utilizes to send aid workers around the world quickly, helping them provide relief in a timely manner when disasters occur.

Want to make a Donor Advised Fund contribution to support emergency relief?

Through DAF Direct, we welcome donors to recommend grants from their donor-advised funds (DAFs).