Give the Gift of Flight

We thank our airline partners for the generous opportunity they provide for you to donate miles to help Airlink.

Airlink uses frequent flyer miles to send aid workers – often volunteers – around the world to help provide relief services when natural disasters and other humanitarian crises occur.

Consider putting your frequent flyer miles to good use by donating them to Airlink. You can donate as few as 500 miles, but the sky is the limit! Consider donating miles before they expire; you’ll be ensuring we can provide flights to response personnel traveling around the US and across the globe to help those in need.

Airline Partner Alaska Airlines allows Mileage Plan™ members to donate miles to the Alaska Airlines Disaster Relief Pool, which is disbursed to several nonprofits, including Airlink. Since 2010, Alaska Airlines has donated more than 10 million miles to Airlink.

Our Signature Lead Partner, United Airlines®, allows MileagePlus® members to donate miles directly to Airlink. Since 2010, more than 26.2 million miles have been donated to Airlink by United MileagePlus® members. 

Want to give back and make it go further? Airlink is thrilled to be a part of the Points for a Purpose program. With your contributions, we can continue making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Thank you to all American Airlines AAdvantage members who generously donated their miles during the recent Miles for Social Good campaign for Airlink. Please return here in the future to learn about additional opportunities for donating American Airlines AAdvantage miles to Airlink.

These airlines maintain your privacy and keep mileage donors names anonymous. However, if you donate miles, we’d like to say thank you. Please email us at, and let others know about your mileage donation on social media, inviting other frequent flyers you know to join you in giving these vital resources.