Corporate Giving

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Do you want to have a meaningful impact in communities affected by natural disasters and other humanitarian crises? Does your team take pride in achieving social responsibility goals by making an impact in innovative and collaborative programs with reach, value, and effectiveness? Consider becoming a corporate supporter of Airlink to fund annual operations, longer-term programmatic initiatives, and rapid-onset disaster response efforts. Airlink relies on your generosity to make disaster response possible. Join Airlink’s growing list of corporate sponsors across the aviation industry and beyond. Learn how to support Airlink in our Guide to Corporate and Personal Giving.

Create a Giving Portfolio that Adds Up

Airlink recognizes your total calendar year support from all types of giving including:

  • Annual Operations Donation
  • Disaster Response Campaign Gift
  • Employee & Matching Gifts
  • Event Sponsorship
  • In-Kind Support

Corporate sponsors are often highlighted at aviation industry events where Airlink is speaking, as well as listed on our website. Corporate sponsors’ CEOs and other key players are often invited to Airlink’s strategic and leadership meetings, as well as exclusive disaster response briefings.

Example:   Become a Silver level sponsor at $25,000 by giving:

  • $10,000 Operating Cash Gift
  • $10,000 Event Table Sponsor
  • $5,000 Disaster Campaign Gift

Interested in becoming an Airlink sponsor?

For more information on how to become a corporate sponsor, contact:

Sandra Walter

Development Director


Phone: +1 202.550.7692

  When you contact us, you’ll get more details on…

  • current disaster response missions that will benefit from your support.
  • the impact your generous investment will have on Airlink’s mission.
  • how to receive a prospectus that reflects your interests.
  • how to make a presentation to decision-makers in your company.
  • how we work with your team to raise your public and industry profile as a leader in humanitarian aid and disaster response.