What is Airlink?

Airlink is a global humanitarian organization delivering critical aid to communities in crisis by providing airlift and logistical solutions to nonprofit partners, changing the way the humanitarian community responds to disasters around the world. 

Our funding comes from donations and in-kind awards from air carriers, aviation sector businesses, foundations, and individuals.  We build long-term relationships with air carriers, who provide Airlink with access to airlift to harness the power and speed of aviation to deliver humanitarian aid and responders in the wake of natural or man-made disasters. 

Every year, Airlink brings aid and hope to millions of people across the globe, utilizing over a decade’s worth of experience in the complexities of disaster logistics.  The Airlink concept has proven to be an extremely efficient and effective method for air carriers and aviation-focused businesses to give and support a wide array of humanitarian programs globally.  

Airlink is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

An important and distinct role in disaster response  

Supply chain activities account for approximately 80% of all humanitarian funding spent. However, you’ll find few funding streams supporting disaster response transport and logistics. 

Despite its importance, many nonprofit organizations do not have the staff or expertise to manage their logistics. Studies suggest 60% of the aid sent in emergencies by individuals, corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations is not appropriate at the time it arrives in the country. Worse still, it may not be needed at all and will eventually be destroyed, at the host nation’s expense, or perhaps, sent back to its origin, causing more supply chain issues.

Simply put, Airlink saves the humanitarian sector both time [in coordination] and money. For smaller organizations, it helps them scale their responses and deliver services they may not otherwise have been able to.  In this way, Airlink expands the humanitarian sector output while at the same time acting as a growth partner for niche response partners. 

Environment Social & Governance (ESG) – where does Airlink fit in?

Airlink understands that throughout the global business community, including the aviation sector, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) frameworks and the programs that underpin them are increasingly important for acquiring investors, sustainability-conscious customers, as well as attracting and retaining your organization’s talent.  

As an organization, Airlink sits in an interesting place, having to run and fulfill our own ESG policy at the same time as being a key pillar within many companies’ ESG frameworks.  Fortunately, our unique operational model, ideally positions us to help our corporate partners fulfill several ESG objectives.  Airlink is an efficient and experienced partner, with appropriate quantitative and qualitative reporting that can contribute to achieving your goals.

The ‘Plug-in’ Partner: How Airlink Fits into your ESG Framework 

  • Responsible Use of Existing Air Carrier Networks
    Airlink helps carriers optimize the use of their networks – both seat and cargo capacity.  This also helps the humanitarian sector limit unnecessary emissions from duplicative flights.
  • Near-Term Mitigation of Climate Change
    Airlink helps to mitigate the negative human impacts of climate change in the short to medium term as the aviation sector works more broadly on longer-term solutions, including aviation system management, sustainable fuels, and airframe/engine designs. 
  • Right Aid. Right Place. Right Time.
    Supporting a locally-led response is critical.  Airlink’s partners are vetted and qualified humanitarian organizations that only send aid when it cannot be locally sourced and only when absolutely necessary to support identified needs on the ground.
  • Supporting Communities in Crisis
    Airlink, founded by the aviation sector, is a ‘force for good’ that provides something only aviation can – the rapid air transportation of critical aid supplies and expertise.
  • Collaboration and Consolidation
    By providing a platform for humanitarian organizations and air carriers to collaborate, Airlink encourages efficient and effective responses.
  • A ‘Force Multiplier’ Across Multiple Actors
    Through Airlink – air carriers, foundations, institutional donors, and the general public – are supporting a coordinated, effective, and enhanced response.
  • Supporting Diversity & Inclusion
    Airlink has a diverse impact, whether by region or social and economic groups and often in the communities where you already operate or have significant interests.
  • Transparent Operations & Impact
    Airlink is experienced at gathering qualitative and quantitative data related to each NGO program we support, helping you to report back to your stakeholders, and providing the aligned reporting that supports your ESG priorities and framework.
  • A Trusted and Qualified Partner
    We have ten years of experience as custodians of the names and reputations of some of the world’s leading aviation brands; we understand the requirements of safeguarding a partner’s reputation.
  • Structured Processes & Exemplary Financials
    Because data matters. Airlink is experienced at gathering qualitative and quantitative data related to each NGO program we support, helping you to report back to your stakeholders, and providing the aligned reporting that supports your ESG priorities and framework.
  • Support the Right Organizations
    Airlink vets its NGO partners and the programs they seek to deliver and only supports pre-approved partners who meet key criteria. 
  • Reporting and Accountability Matter
    Airlink has reporting requirements on aid recipients so that we can make continual assessments about our partners’ impact and the value of our support. 
  • Combating Corruption We also have procedures and governing guidelines for delivering aid to countries that appear on certain embargo lists or where the government has a history of misappropriating aid.

Airlink is a ‘Plug in’ ESG partner and we look forward to having an opportunity to work with you and your team.

Contact info:  

Airlines – Stephanie Steege, Director of Humanitarian Programs 

Corporations, Foundations, and Individual Donors and Sponsors – Sandra Walter, Director of Development 

Media – Andrew Williams, Director of Communications 

501 (C3) id Charity navigator platinum seal