Fostering Education

Bright Hope partners with Mathare Community Outreach (MCO), which operates in Mathare Valley.  MCO focuses on two slums in this region; the first is one of the oldest, biggest, and worst slums in Nairobi, and second is a large slum in Kariobangi. These areas are characterized by abject poverty, rampant crime, lack of functional utilities, and a large number of single headed households. Social amenities such as public schools and health services are very limited. The living conditions are horrific. Too many people are living in tiny shelters made of galvanized iron sheets nailed together to make 6' x 6' cubicles. A dirty river of garbage and human waste runs through the middle of the slum and acts as its only sewage system.

MCO operates three schools for over 1,400 children and an orphanage in Kariobangi. The schools offer education from pre-school through Form 4 (high school). Bright Hope supports MCO through various programs including student school feeding program, vocational scholarships, teacher and administrative training, school management improvement through technology, and income generation development. 

Through the generosity of Etihad Airways, four Bright Hope volunteers traveled to the Mathare Valley to assist in the maintenance of these schools and community support programs.