Ukraine Crisis Response: Six Months and Beyond

Missed this Airlink hosted webinar? Watch below!

Six months after the war in Ukraine, humanitarian needs are at an all time high. Airlink has launched a robust response, supporting more than 40 nonprofit organizations that are helping Ukrainians with access to healthcare, water/sanitation and hygiene, food assistance, telecommunications, and other forms of specialized support.

On September 7th, Airlink hosted the webinar: ‘Ukraine Crisis Response: Six Months and Beyond’, providing an update on Airlink’s response in Ukraine and neighboring countries, featuring nonprofit partners at the forefront of the response. We also gave an update on plans to support the long-term crisis relief effort and the ways the Ukraine crisis is having a knock-on effect on programs around the world.


Stephanie Steege, Humanitarian Programs Director
Convoy of HOPE
Christian Rodriguez, Response Manager – International Disaster Services
Project HOPE
Chris Skopec, Executive Vice President of Global Health
Water Mission
Josh Burns, Disaster Response Team Lead