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Airlink operates globally with the support of its international NGO and airline partner networks. In 2020, Airlink developed a Regional Response Framework designed to facilitate timely responses to humanitarian emergencies and provide relief to communities in crisis. The Framework addresses the globe in six regions – Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, North America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

A critical component of the frameworks is the development of localized regional partnerships between Airlink, local airlines, and local disaster response organizations. 

Working in Harmony with Local Communities to Fulfill Local Priorities

Airlink aims to improve responses to regional disasters and ensure the needs of each regional community are met in the most efficient and timely way – critical in rapid onset disasters and in meeting the regional challenges of climate change. Airlink believes that supporting communities’ needs isn’t something done to people but done in harmony with local people, fulfilling their priorities.        

Disaster Response. Step One. Get There.

In-Region and Developing Localized Partnerships

Claire Leow

In 2022, Airlink appointed its first regional representative, Claire Leow, located in Singapore, to build out local partnerships with regional airlines, aid agencies, and NGOs and ensure that Airlink’s network meets local needs and engages with local and regional actors in humanitarian work.

Jenny Torner
Supported by Jenny Torner, Humanitarian Programs Manager for Asia and the Pacific, based in Washington DC, Airlink is working to support in-region partners to ensure solutions are driven by the communities we serve.

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