Emergency Shelter

Typhoon Haiyan, the most powerful storm to ever make landfall, hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, destroying millions of homes and displacing millions more people. Shelterbox was able to respond quickly as a Response Team was already working on the ground in Bohol after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region in October 2013.

ShelterBox supplies immediately began pouring through Manila into Cebu, where response teams were working to allocate the vital equipment to the areas most in need. Teams worked in 5 key areas in the islands: Manila, Bantayan Island, Cebu City, Leyte Island and Bohol. These much-needed supplies included tents, tool kits, blankets and groundsheets, water storage and purification equipment, mosquito nets, and children’s activity packs.

With the help of Philippine Airlines, Shelterbox deployed a 5-person team to aid in distribution of relief supplies.


• Provided temporary shelter and clean water to hard-to-reach areas

• Distributed 202 boxes, 1,500 standard tents and 16 midi tents, helping 1,718 families in total.

• Distributed 225 toolkits in Leyte, enabling families to begin rebuilding their lives.