Give the Gift of Flight

When you give to Airlink, your gift reaches nonprofit relief organizations worldwide. You also help the world’s most vulnerable population: people affected by disasters.

You empower transportation for relief workers and humanitarian aid cargo following disasters, allowing our partners to put their funding towards real, high-impact programs – restoring homes, searching for survivors, rebuilding infrastructure, giving medical care, and so much more. Your gift goes where it is needed most so that Airlink can ensure the right aid is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Airlink is currently responding to multiple crises, including:

Want to help airlift the right aid to people around the world, all year long? Become an Airlink Global Giver when you choose the monthly giving option.
Double your impact! Ask your employer to match your donation to Airlink. Check with your human resources or corporate social responsibility department about how to apply for the match.
Your generosity transforms lives. Thank you.

Airlink, Inc. does not accept donations restricted to particular disasters, and contributions may be directed to other projects. Airlink is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Donate Crytpo

Investors may enjoy big gains because of crypto’s volatility. Donating crypto to Airlink may help you offset those gains, so you can save more and give more. Click here to get started. 


Become a member of Airlink’s
Global Givers

Be recognized as a member of Airlink’s Global Givers when you give to Airlink on a monthly basis. Simply indicate the amount you’d like to give each month and your card will be charged automatically. This ensures Airlink has predictable, long-term support ahead of the next emergency.

Gifts of Stock

Airlink welcomes gifts of stock. This secure online giving tool allows you to donate your stock in just 10 minutes. All the information about Airlink including nonprofit EIN and brokerage information, will be included, making the process simple for you. There are many benefits to donating stocks such as saving on taxes. You can consult your financial advisor to learn more about the benefits you can expect.

Donate Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flier miles are the most flexible resource that Airlink utilizes to send aid workers around the world quickly, helping them provide relief in a timely manner when disasters occur. Donate Miles here.

Want to make a Donor Advised Fund contribution to support emergency relief?

Through DAF Direct, we welcome donors to recommend grants from their donor-advised funds (DAFs).