Airlink and Salvation Army Join Forces to Ensure Continued Support of Fragile US Communities Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Airlink and Salvation Army Join Forces to Ensure Continued Support of Fragile US Communities Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

“Thanks to support from Airlink, The Salvation Army was able to secure 150,000 masks to support our COVID-19 response. Masks are a critical need as they are essential for our volunteers and personnel who serve others in need through food box distribution, sheltering and disaster case work. The support of Airlink and its partners will help our frontline workers continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable during this COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Salvation Army and Airlink have partnered for the first time to fly 150,000 masks to JFK airport from Guanazhou, China. The masks will largely be distributed amongst Salvation Army frontline personnel ensuring staff and volunteers can continue to deliver food, shelter, and emotional and spiritual assistance to vulnerable people during the COIVD-19 pandemic.

To date, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Salvation Army has served 5.3 million meals, provided 864,000 nights of shelter, and delivered spiritual and emotional support to over half a million people. 

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), was sourced by the Salvation Army in China. Airlink normally uses its deep relationships with the airlines and airfreight carriers to secure free and low cost space for nonprofits. On this occasion, the flight was supported by the Flexport Fund.

“We are delighted to finally have an opportunity to work with the Salvation Army, which is a great humanitarian organization. These PPE supplies will help the Salvation Army carry on its vital work supporting vulnerable people and communities. I also want to thank our partner Flexport for their generous support,” said Steve Smith, Airlink’s president and CEO.

Through Airlink, more than 130 aid organizations are able to quickly and efficiently provide medical aid, food, access to clean water, shelter, and other assistance to some of the world’s most vulnerable beneficiaries. Airlink has mobilized approximately 96 tons of supplies (6.5M pieces of PPE) across seven nonprofits and five airlines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to continued need and requests from partners to transport additional emergency supplies, Airlink is raising funds to support future flights and operations. Follow Airlink’s response to COVID-19.


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