Clean Water for Rural Areas

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with the second highest infant and maternal mortality rates. The primary reason for these major humanitarian issues is the lack of potable water.

In November 2013, Waves for Water conducted a needs assessment of rural barrios of Nicaragua. When the communities were found to be in great need of access to potable water, Waves for Water set out to implement Phase 1 of their clean water project. In total, they reached 5 barrios – El Viejo, Chinandega; Asseradores/Aposentilla; Granada; Rivas, Las Salinas Tola; and Matagalpa – in 6 weeks during July and August.

Filters were distributed in community schools and rural health clinics throughout the country. Each filter provides potable water for 100 people for 5 years, and each filter has the capacity to provide 150 gallons of water per day. In all, 550 filters were distributed and implemented over the course of 6 weeks.

Thanks to Avianca, Airlink secured 3 fully-donated round trip tickets for Waves for Water staff to install much-needed water filters across rural Nicaragua.