Astral Aviation Sudan Shipment

Collaborative Effort Delivers $13 Million in Critical Medical Aid to Sudan Amid Ongoing Violence

In response to the escalating violence in Sudan, Project HOPE, Airlink and key partners, including MAP International,, Astral Aviation, and Qatar Airways, have successfully coordinated the delivery of $13 million (24,000 pounds) worth of vital medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, hygiene supplies, and therapeutic food to Sudan.


Qatar Airways Cargo and Airlink Play a Vital Role in Responding to Humanitarian Needs

Since renewing its strong partnership in April 2022, Qatar Airways Cargo and Airlink have delivered 58 shipments on behalf of 22 organizations offering 2.1 million USD in transportation relief, mobilizing 351 tonnes of humanitarian supplies to seventeen countries. This translates to an estimated 5.8 million people worldwide.


Navigating the Path of Continual Recovery: The Urgency of Long-Term Hurricane Recovery

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is here, and it’s already showing signs of activity with a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico forming into the first named storm of the season, Tropical Storm Arlene. At Airlink, we have a wealth of experience in effectively responding to major hurricanes. As the season unfolds, we are standing by to provide essential transport and logistics support for our NGO partners.


Sustainably Resourcing Communities in the Dominican Republic with Avianca Cargo and Project HOPE

In early May 2023, Airlink coordinated a shipment of prenatal vitamins from Miami to Santo Domingo to benefit 3,000 expectant mothers. This marks another collaboration between Avianca Cargo, Project HOPE, and MAP International to provide crucial medicines and healthcare supplies in the Dominican Republic.


Paying it Forward: Cyclone Gabrielle Recovery is a Team Effort Spanning Continents

Cyclone Gabrielle was the worst storm and most significant weather event to affect New Zealand this century. Over 10,000 people were displaced from their homes. To get Greyshirts in the air and on the ground as quickly as possible, Airlink’s aviation partner Air Canada generously donated 19 tickets to Airlink to support two waves of volunteers to reach Hawke’s Bay, one of the regions most severely hit by the storm.