Amazon Helps Fuel Airlink’s Response to Disaster

Amazon Helps Fuel Airlink’s Response to Disaster

Airlink received a $25,000 donation from Amazon to help bring relief to communities impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises.  As part of its mission to mobilize the aviation community in times of disaster, Airlink partners with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and airlines to move relief workers and emergency supplies into devastated communities. The organization is currently responding to multiple crises, including Tropical Storm Imelda in the United States and Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, and supporting a clean water and disease prevention mission in Colombia.

“Airlink responds to ongoing humanitarian crises and multiple rapid-onset disasters, often occurring within weeks of each other,” said Steve Smith, President and CEO of Airlink. “Because of the generosity of Amazon, we will be able to provide transportation solutions to our partners resulting in people across the globe receiving life-saving and life-improving assistance.”

Through Airlink, more than 100 aid organizations are able to quickly and efficiently provide food, access to clean water, shelter, medical aid, training and other assistance to some of the world’s most vulnerable beneficiaries.  

“With a deep understanding of the importance of logistics and the role it plays in providing a swift and effective response to communities recovering from disasters, Amazon is pleased to support Airlink’s relief efforts,” said Bettina Stix, Senior Manager, Disaster Relief at Amazon. “We hope our support will allow Airlink to assist humanitarian partners in overcoming transportation and logistics challenges and bring help to impacted communities as quickly as possible.”

Through its Disaster Relief by Amazon team, Amazon has supported 11 natural disasters in 2019 so far. Amazon and its customers donated cash and more than 400,000 relief items, worth more than a total of $1 million, to provide relief support in the U.S. and the Bahamas for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Since 2017, Amazon, its employees and customers donated an equivalent of more than $16 million in product and cash for 29 disasters around the world.

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