Airlink Mobilizes Disaster Response Efforts to Guatemala

Airlink Mobilizes Disaster Response Efforts to Guatemala

Disaster response nonprofit Airlink continues to connect airlines and humanitarian organizations – this month, delivering relief to Guatemala after a deadly volcanic eruption.

World Hope International secured a team of volunteers along with 1,500 water filtration kits and solar chargers. The team spent one week in Guatemalan villages helping locals clear ash and debris left by the June 3rd eruption of Fuego Volcano. United Airlines generously provided flights for all 34 volunteers through its partnership with Airlink. 

“Many people want to go [help], but they don’t have the resources,” said Immer Ramirez, a World Hope International volunteer and native Guatemalan. “We are praising God for Airlink and United. On behalf of my people in Guatemala, thank you, thank you very much.”

“Our job is to get humanitarian organizations to communities affected by disaster,” said Airlink President and CEO Steven J. Smith. “This committed response to the Fuego eruption is a prime example of the power of partnerships. Together, Airlink, United Airlines, and World Hope International were able to help far more people than they would have acting alone.”

United Airlines, Airlink’s Signature Lead Partner, provides flights and direct funding as well as support through its MileagePlus program to assist Airlink in rapid disaster response.

“It’s great to know that we at United are part of this community that helps people, not just here in Guatemala, but around the world. It’s great to be a part of this movement,” said Pablo Andre Juarez Jump, a United Customer Service Representative who assisted the volunteers at Guatemala City La Aurora Airport.

By the numbers:

  • 34 volunteers
  • 1,000 water filtration kits
  • 500 solar chargers
  • 1 week spent clearing ash and providing support to affected communities.
  • $34,805 in flight value provided.

Airlink and United Airlines are also currently coordinating flight logistics to send volunteers from several of Airlink’s 80 humanitarian partner organizations to Texas and Puerto Rico in response to flooding and ongoing recovery to last year’s hurricanes.

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