Airlink Ebola Air Bridge Initiative Selected by Clinton Global Initiative as a Featured Commitment

Airlink Ebola Air Bridge Initiative Selected by Clinton Global Initiative as a Featured Commitment

NEW YORK — Airlink, the 24/7 rapid response disaster and humanitarian relief organization, had their CGI Commitment to build an Air Bridge to West Africa featured by Chelsea Clinton onstage in the closing plenary session of the Clinton Global Initiative 2014 Annual Meeting.

“Airlink is humbled by the recognition the Air Bridge to West Africa has received through being a featured CGI Commitment.  We are honored to be included with this group of extraordinary individuals and deserving organizations, all working to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We are also deeply gratified by the support of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the $3 million grant that allowed us to execute the Air Bridge,” said Steve Smith, Executive Director of Airlink.

“Working closely with our partners, we look forward to fulfilling our CGI Commitment and hope that other CGI members will act upon Secretary Hillary Clinton’s invitation make their own commitments in the battle against Ebola,” concluded Smith.  

The first flight of the Air Bridge left from Chicago on Tuesday, September 23. The 60 ton shipment included much needed medicine and personal protective equipment flown by Nippon Cargo Airlines and Western Global Airlines from Chicago to Liberia on behalf of eleven of our NGO partners. Prior to the official launch of the Air Bridge, Airlink shipped 20 tons of protective gear and critical medical aid to West Africa through generous capacity donations from ATX Air Services and Brussels Airlines.

Additional Air Bridge flights will follow on a regular basis between now and the end of the year, streamlining the transportation of critical supplies to combat Ebola.  NGOs requiring assistant to help move critical aid supplies and relief workers are encouraged to contact Airlink as soon as possible. The next flight will leave during the first week of October.

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