Airlink Delivers Aid to South Sudan with Help from New Partners

Airlink Delivers Aid to South Sudan with Help from New Partners

Airlink, Flexport, Kenya Airways, and International Medical Corps are responding to the complex crisis in South Sudan with medical assistance for internally displaced people (IDPs).

Failed crops and ongoing conflict in the young country have led to high levels of internal displacement and low access to food, water, and health services and supplies. In some areas, more than 70% of the local population cannot be reached with humanitarian assistance due to geography and insecurity.  

To assist long-time partner International Medical Corps, Airlink engaged full service freight forwarder Flexport and Kenya Airways to move relief cargo from London to Juba, South Sudan.

“Airlink is practiced in humanitarian logistics, but the current circumstances in South Sudan make it incredibly difficult to safely transport relief cargo into the region,” says Airlink Humanitarian Programs Manager Stephanie Austin. “Our partnership with Flexport helps us work on these more complex airlifts and ultimately expands Airlink’s capacity.”

Flexport is a freight forwarder that utilizes an online platform and end-to-end services for their clients.

“By combining Airlink’s invaluable, unique network with Flexport’s platform & logistics professionals, nonprofits gain access to affordable and reliable logistics services. This partnership allows nonprofits to focus even more on their core services instead of worrying about the status of a shipment,” says Head of Susy Schöneberg.

A new Airlink partner, Kenya Airways is providing the lift and offers a unique opportunity to move cargo from the United Kingdom into South Sudan.

“We’re very excited to have Kenya Airways as a partner,” says Austin. “Their route network is vital when responding in Sub-Saharan Africa, a region that we’d like to be able to connect to more often.”

The 1,500 kg shipment includes basic medical supplies provided by International Health Partners and will arrive in Juba later this month, where International Medical Corps staff and volunteers will immediately begin utilizing these health supplies to benefit IDPs in South Sudan.

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