Give the Gift of Flight

Coordinated Air Response for Emergency Supplies

Your support will help Airlink provide a sustainable pipeline of airlift for relief organizations under the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlink launched a global impact fund under the AviationC.A.R.E.S. umbrella to raise at least US$10M to underwrite transportation and logistics for a growing network of  nonprofit relief organizations.

Airlink’s support of our nonprofit partners’ relief efforts to quickly deliver emergency medical supplies to coronavirus hot spots worldwide includes communities recovering from other disasters, communities experiencing ongoing emergencies, people displaced by violence and economic crises, and those prone to seasonal emergencies (Atlantic Hurricane Season, Southeast Asia’s monsoon season, and floods stemming from global climate crisis).

“What will happen when there is an earthquake or hurricane, cyclone or monsoon, while the coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on humanity?”

Beyond COVID-19 needs, this funding will be used to fuel relief efforts to natural disasters and other events that occur in 2020 while COVID-19 remains a significant factor affecting response and recovery efforts.    

Airlink is leading planning and response efforts to natural disasters that are likely to occur in the months ahead while we are still fighting the coronavirus so that both responders and communities impacted can minimize risk and maximize response to swiftly and safely deliver aid that will be required to see people through devastation to recovery.

By simultaneously delivering disaster response and leading planning for future disasters, Airlink is making an impact on people’s lives in meaningful and significant ways. Last year, 2 million people were helped thanks to your generosity to Airlink.

Your generosity supports over 100 relief partners.

Your donations fuel our ability to transforms lives. 

Thank you.


Airlink, Inc. does ​not accept donations restricted to particular disasters, and contributions may be directed to other projects. Airlink is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

Other Ways to Make a Difference

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Become a Volunteer

The advocacy of members of our Board of Trustees, Governors Council, and Ambassadors allows us to continue to help those in need and grow our network of NGO and airline partners.

Give Monthly with Airlink's A-Team

Express your commitment to Airlink, the aviation industry’s own humanitarian relief organization. Join your peers across the aviation sector in supporting disaster relief around the world.

Make Your Company a Leader

Express your leadership as a good corporate citizen within the aviation sector, and build a portfolio of support to ensure your marketing and philanthropic dollars have a meaningful impact.

Donate Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flier miles are the most flexible resource that Airlink utilizes to send aid workers around the world quickly, helping them provide relief in a timely manner when disasters occur.