Become an Airline Partner

Airlink partners with more than 50 passenger and cargo airlines. These partners are an integral component of Airlink’s work and are committed to using aviation as a force for good.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an airline become an Airlink partner?

Airlink’s airline partners are active in supporting projects around the world and can participate in a variety of ways: donations of passenger tickets, cargo space, airline miles, and more. Contact the Humanitarian Programs team at to see how you can support the Airlink mission.

How is partnering with Airlink different than partnering directly with nonprofits?

Airlink is committed to helping airlines serve a variety of causes within their route network. By partnering with Airlink, you and your team have access to projects around the world by organizations you can trust. Airlink vets all organizations and their projects before sending them to airline partners for assistance, reducing the administrative burden of vetting individual requests year-round and ensuring you have a chance to support well-organized, high-impact projects.

Does Airlink partner with passenger airlines and cargo airlines?

Airlink partners with commercial airlines that fly both passengers and cargo, as well as ACMI carriers willing to donate space or provide discounted capacity.

The airline I work for only operates in one region. Can we still partner with Airlink?

Regional air carriers play an important role in transporting air workers to hard-to-reach places around the world, and we value the contributions of any carrier that wishes to be part of the Airlink network. Ask about how you can contribute to our Regional Response Framework.

Does Airlink ask airlines to fly unscheduled flights or routes?

Airlink does not ask its partners to fly unscheduled flights or routes. We work with you to utilize positive space on existing flights for humanitarian relief, and will never request a flight that falls outside of your route network.