WASH Support in Ecuador

Thanks to Avianca and United Airlines, the Waves for Water disaster team was able to respond quickly - within just 48 hours of the quake. Since the organization's initial deployment, 3 additional teams have been able to travel from the US to Ecuador bringing even more filters on various flights and providing critical access to clean water in the most severely affected areas, where the most damage was sustained.

To date, Waves for Water teams throughout the region have implemented 2500+ water filter systems in more than 10 communities, including Esmereldas, Cojimes, Pedernales, Jama, Canoa, Bahia, San Vicente, Manta, Portoviejo, Puerto Cayo. Now, the team is embarking a long-term recovery project, designing programs that are self sustaining and cover every aspect of need in each community. This includes rain-water harvesting systems, the installation of new wells and/or bore hole pumps, and filtration systems for every household.