ReSurge International

Since 1969, ReSurge International has built surgical capacity and provided more than 110,000 surgeries in developing countries. We provide reconstructive surgical care for poor children and adults who lack access in 15 countries, renewing the health of 3,000 people each year—so they can go to school, provide for their families, and be productive members of society.

Through our Surgical Outreach Programs and the ReSurge Global Training Program, we empower local doctors and other medical professionals in order to increase year-round access to high-quality surgical care in underserved areas of the world. By doing so, ReSurge impacts the world by reducing suffering and poverty, giving more patients a second chance at a normal, productive life.

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Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery

The need for surgical care in Zimbabwe is staggering. With a population of over 14 million people, Zimbabwe has only 1 physician for every 10,000 citizens. The country has only 72 practicing surgeons who are listed in the College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa’s database of members, and only three plastic surgeons.

In collaboration with ReSurge International, the University o…

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