Earthquake Recovery in Ecuador

Our Response Team is on the ground in the Bahia de Caraquez area of Manabi Province with an additional wave of skilled personnel on the way to focus on specific needs. The greatest damages and largest number of affected populations are reported in the province of Manabí, with 596 deaths and 21,130 in shelters. In addition to the unprecedented damage to Ecuador’s infrastructure, buildings have been demolished in the effort toward search and rescue. Our assessment team has reported the need for assistance in small communities surrounding Salinas, Rio de Canoa, and Cascano, with a number of priority families identified. In Salinas, our volunteer teams are immediately performing demolition work on a fallen home, construction, and other repair work to destroyed homes. The work queue is increasing here. There is also a housing need in Cascano, a rural area where solutions, such as using bamboo to build shelters, are being determined. Meanwhile, in Rio de Canoa, the community and All Hands Volunteers is working together to further review and modify emergency latrine designs.

Important highlights: