DHL Express serves over 500 airports in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and approximately 50 in the U.S. With such an extensive global coverage and density, our air network is unparalleled in the express industry. It forms the backbone of our international express delivery organization.

We maintain a sophisticated system of standardized air express routes. Our routes are served by DHL-owned airlines as well as contracted partner and third party airlines. To enhance our capabilities and economics, we commercialize excess air capacities by offering an airport-to-airport service to our sister companies and third parties.

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Relief Shelter

In the aftermath of the EF5 tornado in Oklahoma, a ShelterBox Response Team was sent in to assess if they could assist with providing additional shelter.  It was then determined that there was a need for sturdy disaster-grade relief tents.  ShelterBox’s tents are specifically designed to withstand 120 kilometer winds, were larger in size and would offer greater comfort in the 95+ degrees that Okl…

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